A rare illustration

portrait - things that tell

 How do you create a portrait, how do you get the people in front of the camera to relax, how do you get them to become them self without making it artificially. Could you create a narrative portrait of clues, secrets and hidden messages. Create a  place where they may feel at home, relaxed and indifferent. We hide importent  things in the personal image, creating a puzzle out of curiosity and narrative documentation. This will creates an interest, awaking emotions for the viewers. Who is this person?

                                                                 Grandpa  H enry, pay attention to the handmade wooden ship in the mirror, newspaper on the table and his favourit couch.

                                                                 Grandpa Henry, pay attention to the handmade wooden ship in the mirror, newspaper on the table and his favourit couch.

The lost highway, ca

A secret place - California's Lost Coast is one of the state's least well-known wonderlands. Visitors from all over the world travel California Highway-1 hundreds of miles to see the state's spectacular cliffs and beaches - the Pacific Coast Highway in Southern California, the famous Big Sur route along the Central Coast, and the Shoreline Highway north of San Francisco.  However in far northern California, north of Ft. Bragg, Highway-1 turns inland to rejoin US-101. The next northern section of coast, now called the Lost Coast, was deemed too rugged to build a highway. The mazes of steep mountain ranges and jagged cliffs here are penetrated by a handful of remote back roads, accessible only to those willing to make the long tedious drive. The reward is a spectacular landscape with beautiful, unspoiled beaches and very few people.


Lost and Found


Lost and Found  - What would happen if the things we forgot or things we mislaid for a time would be home to something else. The flora takes over and will find new ways to survive, flourish and thrive. You let your imagination take over, playing with ideas and colors. Who belongs together, what would create a good image.


between dreams and reality

My thought is to try to get you to recreate memories
and experiences, draw out the hidden emotions and state.
We experience constant reality. How seriousness hits
us or how the joy overcomes sorrow and we suddenly see the same thing in different phases and emotions. Often we find ourselves at a stage where one simply
wonder if there are dreams or reality we experience in our presence. Positive or negative vibes, everything is based on the viewer's perspective.
How many times have we woken up with a smile on his face, or shaking like a leaf and had the thought - "this is a dream or reality"

Between dreams and reality - The fear that once controlled me

Between dreams and reality - Frozen fractals all around

Between dreams and reality - Swirling storm inside


linear perspective

Tracks - traces can be found everywhere. In nature, created over time. By humanity, in a short time. Whatever it is, there is a certain beauty in it..

Between dreams and reality - A kingdom of isolation

Between dreams and reality - Not a footprint to be seen




Food and Beverages

Food and Beverages as an art form is so different. It´s something that has been created and prepared, only to dissolve moments later, leaving only scents and ever fading memories. Unlike photographs and sculptures, which helps the eyes and hands  to remember. Therefore it is so important to document and memorize recipes and cooking methods, for future generations to experience.

Shipyard bakery

Some call it baking, I call it therapy. It feels so good to shut out all the thoughts and only focus on baking. Measuring, weighing, and get the perfect paste. Smell the fragrance coming out of the oven. I believe I´m a bit of a sourdough nerd. Reading, trying and looking in every book I can find. Founding out how I can be able to use techniques and recipes that was elaborated a long time ago. By only using organic products it makes it more healty, I want to get away from industrial mass production and cheating to achieve quick results.